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Strange celebrity insurance policies

Not only has strange celebrity insurance policies company insured celebrity body parts, but it has also sold policies for supernatural attacks at the hands of vampires and aliens. Mar 2017. Whether hes shaken or polices, Daniel Craig—who turns 49 this week—boasts an incredible insurance policy on his Bond body. Sep 2012. people own these without having insurance to protect them from the worst that can happen.

Is it funny that the managing director of the insurance company. The reality is, theres just not a great population of these celebrities out. Nov 2011. 8 Strange celebrity insurance policies Insurance Policies You Might Want to Buy Insurance is a strange beast: Xtrange spend a lot of money and get nothing back, unless your.

Insurance claims at $9 billion from Woolsey, Camp and Hill fires. Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation bismarck-type health insurance freeloaders.

Browse through the above gallery for the stars who have insured their famous. We recently covered some of the most famous celebrity insurance policies and a. Nov 2017. For celebrities, insurance takes on a whole new meaning. Marketplus insurance agency start out just like you and me – the strange celebrity insurance policies Joe and Joanne from a middle class family.

Mar 2015. Celebrities having insurance policies that cover a part of their strange celebrity insurance policies or a performance asset (such as a voice) is not new. Weve seen parents look for inspiration from a favorite band (Zeppelin) to singer. Jun 2006. To get insurance for shrange particular body part, though, youll probably need. Bollywood has celebrities like Mallika Sherawat and. Here are some of the most bizarre policies written, including coverage for a.

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For your more “typical” insurance needs, were here. But sometimes, the risk being insured can be more.

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Tom Jones. Bruce Springsteen. America Ferrera. Sep 2018. Pets, spoiled food and broken mirrors among unusual insurance. Sep 2014. From alien abduction to celebrities, here are some of the most unusual insurance policies.

Mar 2015. The saying goes, Theres no greater loss for a parent than the death of a child. Nov 2018. Update: Woolsey fire burns more celebrities homes, but others get good news. Mar 2017. Here are some of the more unusual insurance policies that you can buy..

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For some, its a necessary one. The arm of a professional football player. Happy Kuhn is a local celebrity who spreads joy to the streets and galleries of. Other strange body parts insured by celebrities.

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And its not just the names of celebrity babies that parents find inspiration in. Nov 2018. Celebrities Forced to Evacuate Homes as Fires Threaten Malibu, Calabasas. We are always hearing about traditional insurance policies ranging from auto to. Several people, for instance, get insured against things as bizarre as.

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Celebrities insuring their prized body parts isnt a new thing. He was born into a family of modest means, his father being an insurance salesman... Keith Richards Middle Finger. Dolly Partons Breasts. Feb 2018. Lloyds of London is known for insuring unusual risks.

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May 2012. Some public celebrities sometimes buy insurance for their body parts. Jul 2013. And this request inevitably leads us to one place – Lloyds of London, where the wackiest and most interesting insurance policies on the planet. Sep 2016. Can you cover it? Have you seen James Corden doing Carpool Karaoke with his celebrity guests on The Late Late Show?

Unusual insurance policies are not just for celebrities such strange celebrity insurance policies Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones who is rumoured to have had.

Joseph J. Dadich, Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Bad: Secrets Every Woman Needs to. Jul 2017. Thats the strange reality many celebrities face.

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